10 Powerful Social Recruiting Strategies you probably aren't using

Social media recruiting has increasingly become a popular method for sourcing employees. With almost every business using social recruiting, it is important to make efforts to differentiate your business from the rest and go beyond just increasing the amount of content you place on social media. Formulating a concrete plan before posting job openings on social media is an essential aspect to social recruiting. Here are 10 powerful strategies that you can use to enhance your social recruitment.

  1. Consistently engage your audience

Consistency in providing updates related to products and posting regularly on different channels ensures that your company stays relevant. This way you can create talent pools from talented individuals engaging with your brand even when there are no job vacancies that can be used when your company has an opening. Maintaining consistency across all social media platforms in terms of content is also necessary. The messaging on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and any other platform should be uniform.

  1. Innovate your content

Online audiences can differentiate content that lacks substance from one that has depth. Hence it is crucial to create innovative content that can grab attention. For instance, you can integrate videos along with written content into your social recruiting efforts, include helpful resources in the form of blogs/articles on trending topics and engage in conversations with different groups of people. 

  1. Tap into the right platforms

In order to find the most talented and qualified candidates from a diverse pool of candidates, recruiters need to tap into the right platform. Candidates can be profiled based on the position that needs to be filled. For instance, if you’re trying to hire a graphic designer then they’re most likely to spend more time on channels like Instagram or Pinterest, whereas a web developer would be more active on platforms like LinkedIn.

  1. Incorporate specific approaches for different platforms

Every platform requires different approaches for candidate sourcing. For example, on Instagram or Twitter, incorporating hashtags will lead you to the right conversations and help you to reach out to possible referrals, whereas, on Facebook, it may be more useful to visit careers pages or job groups.

  1. Make application easy

Many companies post detailed application processes that are slow or buggy, or pages that aren’t mobile-friendly that leads to candidates dropping off mid-way. Hence work on  a simple application process with few steps from the online channel to the end state. 

  1. Maintain a positive online presence

Having a good reputation and positive online presence for your brand makes your work environment desirable, especially if you want to hire passive candidates. Focus on your brand manifesto and highlight the most valuable parts of your company. Feature your current employees and encourage them to share their experience on social media. Try to respond and resolve negative comments on platforms like Glassdoor if any. 

  1. Involve employee advocates

Promoting employee advocates to share your company culture and post about job openings on their own social media will not only boost the engagement rate for your recruitment efforts but also enhance the online presence of your brand. 

  1. Utilize social networks’ advanced search features

Most major social networks have advanced search features built into them that can be used to actively target and engage with the right candidates. Facebook Graph Search allows you to source individuals based on various attributes such as their location, interests, pages liked, areas of study, etc. LinkedIn Advanced People Search is another powerful feature to find qualified individuals. Twitter Advanced Search can also be used by exploring hashtags used most in your field of work to narrow your results.

  1. Measure and analyze your results

Keep track of your recruiting strategies and gauge how they’re doing based on traffic to your application page referred via social media, number of conversions, number of likes/comments/shares, etc.

  1. Update!

It is important to update your strategies regularly with changing trends everyday. For instance, COVID-19 caused a huge shift in recruitment processes with a boost in the use of digital channels. Keep track of changes in specific online channels in terms of new features or updates in their regulations. 

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